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We're proud to introduce our next generation streaming player; The new Cirrus ™ Player is a revolutionary upgrade intended to provide you with the tools and features needed to increase listening time and user interaction. Click here to see all of the features.

  • Built with cross-browser compatibility in mind, it will ensure maximum desktop reach and functionality.
  • Prominent Logo display for branding.
  • Enhance listener interaction by embedding apps such as your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube feeds, along with news, stocks, weather, flight info, chat room & more.
  • New high-quality player skins.
  • Interactive in-player apps (Facebook,Twitter or YouTube feeds, along with news, stocks, weather, flight tracker, chat room & more - can be enabled or disabled in your control panel).
  • Player Homepage - Now your player can act as your station's website.
  • Our streaming solution interfaces with all major radio automation systems to display title, artist and album information in real-time.
  • In addition to your live stream, you can upload previously recorded material for on-demand streaming. You can upload audio as well as video files.
  • Display the last 20 songs played in a visually appealing slideshow of album covers. Listeners can also retrieve lyrics, or purchase any of the songs in the slideshow.
  • Easily allow your listeners to tune in to other stations within your radio group. You can link as many or as little (or no) stations on your player as you wish. Each station will display its logo and slogan.
  • Send to Mobile feature with QR scanner allows desktop users to take your stream on the go.
  • Two banner sizes supported. Both IAB approved. Specify rotation frequency according to your preference.
  • Our web editors enable you to quickly and effortlessly get up and running with content your listeners will enjoy.



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If you accessed the player from a desktop computer (PC or Mac)

  • For the best experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of your Internet browser
  • If the stream is not audible, or doesn't start, please verify that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash plug-in installed.
  • The player is known to work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer

If you accessed the player from a mobile device

  • If this station has a mobile app, we recommend installing and using it for the best experience
  • Since Adobe Flash is not supported on most mobile devices, you may not be able to listen to the audio stream; however, you can use most of the interactive features of the player
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Play games
Play fun games for free. The games will launch in a new window; to return to this player simply close the games window once you're done beating all the aliens, flying all the spaceships, avoiding all the asteroids... go get'em!
Viral & trending videos of the day
Playlist history (last 20 songs)
Buy media

You can buy & download this track & more from either Apple iTunes or mp3 store. Simply click the icon for the store you wish to access.

Song lyrics
Send to mobile

Scan the QR code to send the player to your compatible mobile device.

If your mobile device doesn't have a QR scanning app, download a free one from your device's app store.
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Player Feature Guide
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This station is sponsored by Insurance Company. You can add your own text or images, similar to a webpage. Use this section to create a content page for an advertiser or sponsor.

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We deliver advertising from our network of national and international advertisers and mobile content providers. All you have to do is check off a little box in your control panel and we take over the ad display ability, add you to our inventory, and desktop and mobile ads are automatically delivered to your listeners. We then take care of the rest, and you get a rev-share check every month from the aggregate split on all ads run across all your players and apps.

You can also run your own ad campaigns for your local advertisers and sponsors, and fill the rest of the schedule automatically from our network. This gives you the best of both can sell player time to local advertisers, and still not miss out on revenue from our Ad Delivery Network.

Home Page

This is an example of the content section that opens within the player. You can add as much text and images as you want.